Manage your Athletic Organization Efficiently with the
Roster Management System by EZRosters
Spending too much time managing rosters?
 Too many files to update when a family moves or changes e-mails?
  Unable to get to the information on the registrar's PC?
   Losing players because they forgot registration dates?
    Trouble contacting players about time & location changes?
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Most Youth Athletic Organizations face the common problems of being able to accurately track and maintain contact information for their athletes, coaches, and volunteers, including which team(s) they participate on from year to year. There are as many different systems in use as there are types of baseball bats. Some systems are loosely integrated but most are using different lists for each sport while others are still using the "paper and pencil" method...

With the Roster Management System (RMS), you can eliminate these problems and free your time up to spend it on things you'd rather be doing! RMS is an Internet application that provides secured access to your organization's information from anywhere that has a computer with Internet access.

The General section is available to everyone and provides information about the Organization's athletic programs, including a custom page for each team. All of the information displayed within the General section is generated from the information managed within the Secured section. The Secured section is available only to authorized users and contains the following functions:
Edit Functions
  • User - security configuration
  • Sport - list of Sports by year
  • Teacher - list of teachers by grade
  • Family (Household, Parents, Children)
  • Parent (Quick) - update e-mail addresses
  • Child (Quick) - update names & teachers
  • Organization - configure governing body
  • Registration - player registration by grade & gender
  • Teams - manage coaches and player rosters by team
  • Team Information/News - update your team with schedules and notices
  • General Information/News - update all participants about important events
  • Team/Sport email - send a message to participants directly from the system
  • Organization - List of governing body with contact information
  • Registration - List of registered players including payment, jersey, and notes for team assignment
  • Coaches - List of the coaches and assistants by team with contact information
  • Roster - Valuable list for coaches and administrators including important information about each player
  • CYC Roster - Print/submit rosters to the CYC quickly and easily for online review/approval
  • Mail List - "mail-merge" compatible list for printing mailing labels
  • E-Mail List - Quickly get list of coaches and volunteers by name with e-mail address for easy notification
  • Stats - Registration and Team assignment totals/averages
  • Churn - list of players from prior season that haven't registered

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