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2022 IMPORTANT!!!!!! NEW FOR CPOP CYC REGISTRATIONS! CPOP CYC Sports Registration has moved to the Team Sideline platform. Fall 2022 Soccer and Volleyball registrations as well as the Summer Little Spikers Volleyball Camp can now be found at:

When registering the first time on Team Sideline, you will be prompted to create a family account. This account will be used for Fall 2022 and all future CYC registrations. In addition, physical CYC cards are being replaced with an electronic membership. Players registering for Soccer grades 2-8 and Volleyball grades 3-8 will be charged a $5 annual membership fee and required to upload a photo to appear on rosters. Coaches will also be required to upload a photo, but will not be charged the $5 membership fee.

(Updated 05/01/2022)

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