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Registration for Spring 2019 KDS Sports

Baseball/Softball Training League (PreK–K)
Baseball/Softball (1st - 6th grade)
Golf Training League (2nd - 4th grade)
Golf Junior Division (5th - 6th grade)

Registration Opens Thursday, January 17 and closes Friday, February 8, 2019.

Player Eligibility
Kirk Day School plays sports through the Catholic Youth Council (CYC) which recognizes KDS Athletics as a merged program with Covenant Christian School (CCS). KDS students, Kirk of the Hills members, and CCS students are eligible to play on our teams. All other players will need to contact the KDS Athletic Director and will require a waiver per CYC rules. Waivers can only be obtained for players who live in a West County CYC parish and who do not play for any other team during the season. Players may play on only one CYC team per sport.

Program Descriptions
Baseball/Softball Training League (PreK & K): Players will meet for one hour each week on Saturdays at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church for instruction and a small sided game. Preliminary dates for the season are April 6 - June 15. Players will get a t-shirt and hat to keep.

Baseball/Softball (1st – 6th grade): Games will be scheduled from April 26 – June 30. First through fourth grade will play a 10 game schedule. Some games may be against St. Charles teams. Fifth and sixth grade will play a 10 game cross-district schedule and they will be able to play in a competitive or recreational division. KDS does not play on Sundays.

Golf Training League (2nd – 4th grade): 3 week program including 6 lessons at Big Bend Golf Center (3390 Quinette Road, Valley Park, MO 63088). Lessons will be May 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 & 17 from 5:30 - 6:20. KDS does not play on Sundays. It is possible to play both golf and baseball/softball, but there may be conflicts. All players are required to provide their own clubs.

Golf Junior Division (5th & 6th grade): 9 week program includes 3 lessons at Big Bend Golf Center (3390 Quinette Road, Valley Park, MO 63088) and 6 matches at Kirkwood, Riverside, and the Highlands. There will be two pre-season lessons on April 13 & 20 one mid-season lesson on May 24. Matches are scheduled for April 27, May 4, 11, 18, 25, and June 1. District Individual Championships will be June 14 and the District Team Championship will be June 15. The Archdiocesan Individual Championship will be June 22 and the Archdiocesan Team Championship will be June 29. KDS does not play on Sundays. It is possible to play both golf and baseball/softball, but it may be necessary to play a substitute round of golf to avoid a conflict. All players and a parent are required to attend a CYC golf etiquette seminar each year and provide their own clubs.

Registration Fees
Baseball/Softball Training League (Pre-k & K): $75
Baseball/Softball: $115
Golf Training League (2nd-4th grade): $90*
Golf Junior Division (5th/6th grade): $155*
* Golf fees do not include the cost of a performance golf shirt. Shirts are estimated at $26 and will be paid for separately. Refunds will not be issued for golf fees after rosters are submitted.

**A $25 late fee will be added to the registration fee after February 8.

Fees are payable online. After registering your child in EZRosters, you will be directed to the KDS payment page.
If you are unable to access the payment page after you register, copy this link into your browser:

Registration Information
To register your child, please click "Login/Register" on the left side of this page and follow the instructions.
It is important that our rosters have accurate information. Please edit your child`s profile to confirm parish of registration and school. Answer the questions as follows:

Parish of registration: select the church you attend. If it is not listed, select "other."
Parish of residence: Select "other" if your child attends KDS or CCS. If you do not meet the eligibility requirement listed above, select the parish you live in so the A.D. can get a waiver.
School: Select the school your child attends. If it is not on the list, select "other."

CYC ID Cards
CYC ID cards are required for ALL players. Order online at as soon as possible.

Coaches/Assistant Coaches
If you are interested in being a coach or assistant coach, contact Shari Shultz at Information is also available on the "News" link on EZRosters.

Baseball: Jersey and hat are provided. Only the jersey (1st–6th grades) is returned at the end of the season. Pants are not provided.
Softball: Jersey, shorts, hat and socks are provided. Only the jersey and shorts (1st–6th grades) are returned at the end of the season.
Golf: Performance golf shirts are not included in the registration fee. Families order a golf shirt through the KDS A.D. and players keep them at the end of the season.

Uniforms will be turned in directly to the Athletic Director at the end of the season. School accounts will be charged for damaged uniforms and uniforms not returned.

Picture Coordinators
Families will be assigned to assist the teams in this role. Instructions will be provided by the Athletic Director.

EZ Rosters
Please check "News" on this site to find important links related to each sport, coach requirements and CYC ID cards.

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