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Anyone is welcome to join our Athletic Program - you need not be a member of the school or church to play sports – in fact, due to the size of our school – we need all kids from our community to play in some instances to fill teams!

In order to register your child(ren) in sports at Saint Mark Athletic Association, for each sport played, your family must:

1. Work 5 hours of Concession Stand Duty for each sport played ( 5 hour shifts ), OR 2. Buyout of concession-stand duty for $150, AND 3. Provide a refundable deposit for uniform $30 and for concession duty $200.

You will be asked by the coach for this deposit. If you wish you may write us a check and we will not cash that check unless the uniform is not returned and or your work assignment is not met.

If you give the coach cash we will return cash back to you upon receipt of the uniform and or completed work duty.

If you fail to return your uniform you will be billed $75 for the replacement, and your account will be locked until the uniform is returned or the replacement is paid for. If you fail to show up for your work assignment, your $200 check will be cashed (and account locked out until payment received).

It is your responsibility to find someone else to fulfill your shift if something comes up and you can’t make it! Your family obligation funds our sports programs and helps to provide our children with the best possible facilities, equipment and uniforms.

If you are a member of another parish or live outside Saint Mark`s boundaries you must contact your parish sports association and ask for a waiver to play at Saint Mark. Fees are paid to Saint Mark however your stewardship is owed to your home parish if required. In that same capacity, if you are within Saint Mark Parish and wish to play for another parish, you will only be allowed exemption if we cannot fill a team at Saint Mark.

If we cannot fill a team we will notify you and refund your fees within 5 business days, or we can send payment for your child to another parish. We will ensure that you have plenty of time to get registered elsewhere in the event that we cannot fill a team, and that you won’t have sit and wait for your refund!

To determine if you are in or outside of Saint Mark’s boundaries look here:

CYC requires the use of ID`s cards for each player in CYC leagues. Click the following link to apply for one If you already received an exemption this calendar year, it is still valid.

The registration fee for CYC teams will be $100 for a single player, $75 for the second child, and $50 for each additional child.


Note: Intramural teams are for younger Pre-K, K, and 1st and second grades depending on the sport. CYC teams are for older kids. When registering be sure to register your child in the correct division (Intramural or CYC).





Hello All,

This message is to inform you of recent changes to the Athletic Association Board of Directors and provide clarification and direction going forward on how we intend to prevent our kids from playing elsewhere unless express permission is given.

Recent changes to the Board of Directors for the Athletic Association include Mark Grebing being elected new President, Mark Follen being elected new Vice President, and Mark Meissner being elected new Treasurer.

In assuming these new roles and after a financial review of the Athletic Associations finances, it became apparent very quickly that we had lost nearly $30,000 dollars over the past few years as we were spending significantly more money than we were taking in.

In 2018 alone, it was estimated that the Athletic Association was spending $1,000 more a month than we were taking in. The fact is, when the new Board arrived, we had around 3 months of funds remaining before the bank account was empty. We will get into how that happened and what we have done to immediately raise funds and why it`s mission critical that we all work towards the same goals to vastly improve our chances of becoming strong again and we best ensure the future of our sports program.

The last major fundraiser was held several years ago, a reverse raffle that brought in a ton of money, basically, the entire $30,000 we’ve been operating off of over that time frame. But how is it possible to spend all that money? Our fixed costs haven’t changed and our revenue through registration and concessions has plummeted. We still had field maintenance (grass cutting/lights/uniforms/awards for winning teams, tournament fees, and so on).

Where did the revenue go? In 2018 alone it is estimated we sent $7,000 in registration fees to other Athletic Associations such as Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque (SMMA) and Saint Catherine and a few other places. On top of the lost registration fees, in 2018, concession stand revenues were down over $3,000.

When we send our kids to other schools to play sports, we can’t survive as an Athletic Association. And as such, we are putting a major emphasis on restricting kids from playing for other schools if they live within our parish boundaries. In the past, there should have been (and maybe in some instances there was), a review process to ensure we at least attempted to fill teams for our school, prior to allowing kids to go play at another parish.

We must require sign-off going forward if we hope to survive. We also understand that many of our kids have now played in some instances for a couple of years or more with teams like SMMA and SCL, but we please ask you to come back home and give us a chance. We will ensure that in the event we cannot fill a team, we will act swiftly in refunding your registration fees and or make payment to the parish of your choosing on your behalf so that your child will not miss out on playing at all.

We are taking the steps necessary to complete outreach in our community to obtain signups and fill our own teams. We have printed 100’s of flyers for volleyball and soccer for fall 2019 and are beginning to walk these door to door starting today in our community.

Please give us a chance to fill our own teams. And certainly, many parents are thinking this: “But my kids are friends and have played with the other school for so long – it’s not fair and they won’t like it!” Once again, we do understand this, and we are not attempting to slight you or your children in the least, over your children’s sports lives they will change teams numerous times, if we put a positive spin on this to our children, you might be surprised what happens.

Think about St. Mark having amazing baseball and soccer fields because we have kids thriving and coming to our school to play sports. We believe there is a majorly underserved group of kids in our own backyards, and until we make an attempt at getting them to try our sports program out, we don’t know what’s possible. So please, please, please, give us a shot!

We will be working with the other parishes such as SMMA, and SCL to ensure that our school has a fair shake at retaining our kids. This was a mandate by the CYC in the first place!

In just a couple of months’ time, the newly elected Board, with the help of many parishioners, have successfully raised $4500 from mouse races, $2,000 from baseball card sales, $1750 from a poker tournament, and several hundred from NCAA events. We have put a ton of time and effort into saving this program, so please, give us a chance to show what we can do on the fields and bringing kids to our program, with your help the sky is the limit.

We have adjusted pricing on registration to maximize our chances of survival with a small price increase, we are putting spending controls in place to ensure all expenses are requirements and not optional or wants, we are focusing on recruiting new kids to our program to drive up registrations and fill teams, and we are evaluating everyone that has helped in the past to determine how we can best utilize them going forward to have everyone work on the same goals 1. (recruit new kids and fill our teams) 2. (retain kids that have played elsewhere even recently that should play with us) 3. (put financial controls in place and be 100% financially transparent) 4. (put other financial controls in place to ensure uniforms are returned and concession stand duty is completed as required) 5. Communicate one message consistently and clearly and eliminate any judgement calls by having clear and concise policy and procedure in place.

The only way we will be able to accomplish making St. Mark Athletics the (LION) pride of our community, is to work together, leave the past behind us and FOCUS ON THE FUTURE and always doing what is best for our program and children!

The Board intends to review each and every existing member in a position helping the Athletic Association (at our next meeting) to determine if we believe that person is capable and willing to work within the scope and understanding of our mission to make St. Mark Sports the (LION) pride of our community by working with us and our kids to achieve what we are attempting to do. Last, we would like to thank everyone that has helped in the past (prior to our time) and those that are helping us now. If you would like to join in helping, please, please reach out and let us know, we are certain you can help in some capacity no matter what. Remember, everyone that has a child playing sports is a member of the Athletic Association.

Sincerely Yours – The Three Mark’s of the Board of Saint Mark Athletic Association (Grebing,Follen,Meissner) – sheesh that’s a lot of Mark’s CONTACT US:
(Updated 06/11/2019)

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